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20 Mar 2023

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The main activities of the Costruzioni Termotecniche are in Civil Field and Industrial Field. We follow our clients during all the project life cycle: Planning, Installation, Testing and Maintenance of technological systems (with high energetic efficiency and integration of renewables such as solar, heat and geothermal energy). Below are our services in the project life-cycle phases:

Planning and Management of Operations

• Planning of air-conditioning systems
• Planning of heating systems
• Planning of fire water systems
• Planning of water systems
• Planning of sewage systems
• Planning of industrial process systems
• Competitive tender consulting
• Public works
• Subcontract works

Progettazione Impianti Tecnologici

Planning, Realization, Maintenance and Management of Operations

• Steam heating systems for industrial process (kitchens, laundries, thermal power station)
• Cogeneration systems
• Trigeneration systems
• Air-conditioning systems
• Heating systems
• Forced ventilation systems
• Fire water systems
• Drainage systems
• Gas fittings
• Gas station fittings
• Irrigation systems
• Weight lifting systems
• Water treatment systems
• Pneumatic systems
• Energy production systems, hydropowers, thermal power stations
• Renewables energy production systems
• Panel heating systems
• CED air-conditioning systems
• Electrical systems

Maintenance work of technological systems

Please Note

The hard polyurethane tubing are created by our specialized workers directly on site

Heavy tubes supply


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