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04 Dec 2022

Special Offer



Energetic Requalification of existing buildings taking tax advantages of 55% in according to italian DM 19/02/07 for works on buildings which increase the energy efficiency of buildings already constructed.

Types of works suitable (to pay in three/ten annual instalments):

  • 100.000€ for energetic requalification of existing buildings (each kind of works which ensures that the energy index will decrease of 20 % of values in schedule).
  • 60.000€ for interventions to improve insulation of existing building (pavements, roofs, walls, windows) or installation of solar cells for preparation of hot water.
  • 30.000€ substitution of heating system.

Riqualificazione Energetica

Costruzioni Termotecniche draws up a formal techinical document in order to allow our clients to take tax advantages of 55% in according to italian DM 19/02/07 for energetic requalification..

Below the steps of our method work:

  • make an ispection of the energetic systems installed on buildings (with specialized software and instrumentation);
  • planning of energetic requalification in order to meet our clients needs;
  • determine initial costs and return on investment;
  • drow up a formal techinical document.

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